Uniting Networks.

Igniting the Internet.


Cyber Data Internet Xchange(CDIX) allows members to search information of existing peering services within the CDIX services, CDIX is not a transit provider, instead it is a layer-two settelement-free internet excahange point, Members of CDIX can excange data much faster making the develop of multimedia applications in indonesia.



Connecting you with
what matters most

The main goal of CDIX is to interconnection internet Service Providers and Content Providers in indonesia so that they can exchange local content without having to interconect internationality, in addition, CDIX is also connected to saveral international exchanges, such as Equinix,CDIX also contains some international Content providers to enrich CDIX content, such as Google and Akamai content, Via interconections are expected to improve intreconnection performance among cdix members, reduce latency and packet loss, and also lower the cost of IP Transit. .




Direct excange

Direct excange between ISPs,CPs (Multilateral peering)


Transparant of Autonomous System

Free peering

Free peering among members


Save internet access cost through direct peering among members

Big capacity

Capacity based on port
(100 Mbps 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps)

Non profit

Non profit, open, neutral internet exchange